Interview – Denzil Lacey (SiriusXM)

Wer im Netz über Radio Imaging liest und hört, stößt automatisch irgendwann auf den Namen Denzil Lacey. Wir standen in Holland auf der gleichen Bühne (ich mit typischem Grinsen, er mit der typischen Flasche Bier) um zu präsentieren und stehen seitdem in Kontakt. Denzil – Produktions- und Selfmarketing-Profi – arbeitet seit neuestem für SiriusXM – einem riesigen amerikanischen Satellitenradio Anbieter (mit fast 1000 Kanälen). Ich freue mich, dass er mir nach dem Radiobranding Day und trotz des kleinen entstanden Delays (haha Producer Witz) durch seinen Jobwechsel ein paar Fragen beantwortet hat. 

Zur Einstimmung ein paar seiner Produktionen:

What did you think when I invited you to the radiobranding day?

I was absolutely honoured. I love Berlin and have been before and to get the chance to get back to Berlin alone was amazing. I already knew all the speakers already, so it was like a mini reunion for us all – every speaker is so talented in their own stations and projects and it really was a solid line up!

Did you have ever been in Germany before and why?

My first trip to Berlin was in 2000, My family and I visited Bernkastle (Rhineland-Palatinate) and I was blown away with the food, culture and incredible views throughout the valley there. I then made a trip to Berlin around seven years ago and it remains one of my favourite places to be in! The city is very historic, and the city is just bustling with something going on all the time. I will definitely be back again soon!

For the guys who where not at the event. What was your presentation about?

I wanted to give an overview of all the work I create – from sweepers to promos, branded intros and some tricks that I like to use now and again! We opened up one of my personal favourite Intros (J Balvin – Mi Gente) and I really got into each element (especially tuning) and I think everyone enjoyed that.

What do you like about the sessions at the radiobranding day? Which tipps or plugins do you like or remember?

The two plugins that EVERYBODY seemed use was Effectrix (Sugar Bytes) which I have started the use over the past few months, Little Alterboy (Sountoys) was also another heavily used plugin that we all used.
It was incredible for me to able to learn some more about these plugins and I have already adapted some tricks to suit my work from listening to the other speakers.

What was your experience with food, drinks, location here in Berlin?

We visited a very cool relaxed restaurant with the gang the previous night before the session and it was delicious. As I said before – I would go to Germany just for dinner!
The Farm is a beautiful building – filled with creativity, amazing studios and great people. The environment seems fun and that’s what I really loved.

It was the first Radiobranding day ever. What would you change?

I don’t think I would change anything! Okay, maybe I would go a bit more prepared about my session! :-)

It is a very unique event – I haven’t been to a Radio Imaging event that was very one-on-one. Usually conferences have hundreds of people but this event had a smaller group, which meant people could ask more questions and really feel the benefit from it. I’ve learned that it’s much better having a smaller event and a smaller group to talk to, so you can really get into topics and tricks that THEY want to hear.

Which guys would you suggest as a speaker at a radiobranding day 2019? Do you have some talents or idols in mind and why?

There are just so many people to mention! The guys from Radio538 and Slam FM in Holland are probably the best in the world right now – so they would really be great for tips and tricks! Kelly Doherty is a multi talented person with both Imaging and Voiceover in her forte – so she would be amazing to see too. George Taylor and Chris Nicoll from Wisebuddah/IMGR are two incredible people and have been in the business so long. From a German percpetive – Paul Werner from BigFM would be also great to see – his stuff is just great right now.
I am probably missing a bunch of amazing people here – but anyone who understands Imaging and creates good content would perfect for it. We would all learn something from each other! 

What are the benefits for the guests of this kind of event? 

They also learn – we all learned something new from this event and to get to meet them and share some beers and chat all things Radio Imaging is great – and also a trip to Germany included. What could be wrong?

You’ve got a new job now. How do you get this and how was the switch from the old to the new one.

Well, first of all – I was supposed to answer these questions a long time ago and I have been so busy in the switch, I kept forgetting. So thank you for your patience with this!

I have been creating Imaging for SiriusXM over the past 11 months and they all seemed very happy with the work I was creating and so I am on board creating content for them from my own office in Dublin! I am writing this on the first day of the new job, so time will tell how it will all be. However, I am already feeling it was the right decision to be able to work outside a Radio Station and build up my own business, learn new tricks and I will be able to visit the states more now.
I was working as Group Production Director for three Radio Stations in Dublin over the past two years and it was an incredible learning curve, embracing and training new talent in as well as creating some content for three of the biggest stations in Dublin. I am now excited to expand my talent with new formats over the coming months.

Thank you Denzil for the interview!