Interview – Oli Pengilly (Kiss UK)

Ich lernte Oli bei den Imaging Days in Holland kennen. Dieses Jahr gab es nach 2 Jahren ein Wiedersehen in Berlin. Oli arbeitet derzeit für die Bauer Media Group – für Kiss UK. Ich freue mich, dass er mir nach dem Radiobranding Day ein paar Fragen beantwortet hat. Hier eines seiner Demos, damit klar wird, was der Typ drauf hat:

What did you think when I invited you to the radiobranding day?

I was flattered and a little surprised to be invited, I’d never done a talk on radio imaging before but it was a great experience. I knew the others had spoken at other events so I knew the Calibre was going to be high.

Did you have ever been in Germany before and why?

Yes, Munich for Oktoberfest for lots of drinking!

For the guys who where not at the event. What was your presentation about?

Showing what my sessions were like and deconstructing everything track by track. Sessions included Kiss Haunted House Party Imaging, Kiss Grime Top of hours and imaging Blue print Top of Hours and Artist mashups.



What do you like about the sessions at the radiobranding day?

How the mashups were produced and seeing the chains in people’s sessions.

What was your experience with food, drinks, location in Berlin?



It was the first Radiobranding day ever. What would you change?

Nothing, it was lovely

Which guys would you suggest as a speaker at a radiobranding day 2019?

Chris Nicoll, Jared Lucas, Ben Marks, Ben Williams, Ashley Bard, Dan Bill, Dave Fox, Adam Burgess, Tom Cross, Small Paul, Anthony Timmers, George Taylor, K3, Staxx, Dom Nero.

What are the benefits for the guests of this kind of event?

Exposure, contacts, passing on the talent to the next generation. We need events like this so that our industry can continue to thrive and the next generation of producers can come through and keep the industry moving and then pass on their skills.

Thank you!